co-operative visit 2016

February 2016

Our next visit to Nicaragua will be a bit different. We are working to a theme this time: Nicaragua’s co-operative economy. The interest in co-operatives is growing, both in Nicaragua and Wales. Since 2007 and the new Sandinista government, the number of co-operatives has increased from 1,500 to 4,500.

Nicaragua has a history of supporting co-operatives, since the Revolution in 1979. A lot of the fairtrade co-ops have their roots in the struggles of the 80s. One of them is SOPPEXCCA, which provides the campaign with our coffee, tecafé, through a women’s fairtrade organic co-operative. That’s why we believe tecafé is Wales’ fairest coffee.  (see here and here).

coffee5 (2)

In addition to visiting producers in Jinotega, we will be meeting with co-operative food projects, such as  the hambre cero  (zero hunger) programme and the patios saludables (healthy backyards projects), which establish co-operatives as part of their work. Also we will be organising meetings with organisations responsible for co-operatives, and the Ministry which concentrates on developing the sector,  MEFCCA (Ministry for Families and the Cooperative Economy – see here).


The trip will provide an opportunity to see what difference the co-operatives have made to Nicaragua’s poorest, and compare the situation back home in Wales (see here).

We will be spending time on the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts, including Bluefields, where the Campaign is supporting a community music project.


new jerusalem meeting

We will be finishing the visit in Granada, to relax! The city is Nicaragua’s prettiest, with outstanding architecture on the banks of Lake Cocibolca, in the shadow of the Mombacho volcano. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the striking scenery around the Apoyo volcanic lagoon.



pix: david mcknight

The cost of the trip for a fortnight will be £600, including accommodation, food and travelling around the country. You will also need to buy an air ticket. At the moment these are around £600 – £700, and we can help order them.

We will also be organising a preparation day for the group before we leave. This will help you get the most from the trip. ¡ Buen viaje!