Margaret Innocent ¡Presente!


Margaret gyda Cor Cochion ym mis Gorffennaf, yn y diwrnod i gofio Ray Davies / Margaret with Cor Cochion in July, in the day to remember Ray Davies

Annwyl gyfeillion
Dan ni wedi cael newyddion trist bore ma. Ddoe bu farw Margaret Innocent. Aeth Margaret i Nicaragua, gyda ei gwr, Ray, ym 1983, ar daith astudiaeth gyntaf NSC. Roedd Margaret a Ray ymysg sylfaenwyr Ymgyrch Cefnogi Nicaragua ym 1986, a pharhaodd Margaret i weithio dros Nicaragua dros y tair degawd. Roedd neb yn fwy hapus na Margaret pan ddychwelodd y Sandinistiaid i’r llywodraeth yn 2007. Ers y 90au roedd Margaret yn aelod diffuant o Cor Cochion, yn cefnogi achosion rhyngwladol, cenedlaethol a lleol. Mae cyfaill unigryw wedi ein gadael.

Dear friends
We received sad news this morning. Yesterday Margaret Innocent passed away. Margaret went to Nicaragua with her husband, Ray, on the first NSC study tour in 1983. Margaret and Ray were founder members of the Welsh campaign in 1986, and Margaret continued to work for Nicaragua for three decades. No-one was happier than Margaret when the Sandinistas returned to power in 2007. Since the 90s she was an un-tiring member of Cor Cochion, supporting international, national and local causes. She was one of a kind, and a good friend has left us.


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