36th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution 

Huge crowds gather in Managua, 19th July, 2015

On the 19th July, hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans packed the Plaza de La Fe in Managua to celebrate the overthrow of the dictator, Somoza, thirty six years ago. 


19th July,1979 – Sandinista Revolution

Wales NSC joined in the celebrations along with delegations from European solidarity groups and socialist and communist parties from across Latin America. 
President Daniel Ortega addressed the crowd, and spoke of the many achievements of the Sandinista government over the past year. Ortega highlighted Nicaragua’s economic and social progress as well as the continued need for regional integration in the face of US imperial ambitions. 

The Vice Presidents of Cuba and Venezuela also addressed the crowds. Deafening cheers were reserved for special guests of honour, the recently released Cuban Five – Los Cinco Heroes.

Other guests included Manuel Zelaya, the former president of Honduras and Guatemalan author and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchu.

Rigoberta Menchu and Manuel Zelaya join in the celebrations


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