cartre tecafe/home of tecafe

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Newydd cyrraedd yn Jinotega, lle mae prif swyddfa cydweithfa SOPPEXCCA. Dan ni’n prynu ein coffi gan gydweithfa merched sy’n rhan o SOPPEXCCA. Dan ni’n dechrau am 5.30 bore fory, i deithio 3 awr i El Cua, i gwrdd â thyfwraig cacao. Wedyn taith awr a hanner arall, i ymweld â’r merched sy’n tyfu tecafé. I orffen, yn ôl i Jinotega i gwrdd â Fatima Ishmael, pennaeth SOPPEXCCA, sy’n dod i Gymru ar Orffennaf 1af. Yn y cyfamser, dan ni’n ymlacio prynhawn’ma mewn dinas prydferth yng nghaffi SOPPEXCCA.

Just arrived in Jinotega, where the SOPPEXCCA co-op has it’s head office. We buy our coffee from a women’s co-op which is part of SOPPEXCCA. Tomorrow we start at 5.30am, travelling three hours to meet a cacao grower. Then another hour and a half’s journey, to meet the women who grow the coffee for tecafé. Finally back to Jinotega, to interview Fatima Ishmael, head of SOPPEXCCA, who’s coming to Wales on July 1st. Meantime? Relaxing in the SOPPEXCCA cafe, in beautiful Jinotega.



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