strengthening trade union links

Meeting UNE officials, including, Domingo Perez and Arely Lopez, both of whom have been the guests of UNISON Cymru-Wales on recent visits to Wales


Once again, Wales NSC has met with Domingo Perez, the General Secretary of UNE, Nicaragua’s public sector union.

Domingo described the increase in UNE membership since our last visit in 2013. By now UNE is organised in 127 of the 153 municipal councils. They have members in the energy, water and telecommunciation sectors. Recently they added another 1,500 workers, organised in a union at the airport.

Domingo said:

“It is clear that the government is our government. But this doesn’t mean that the relationship with institutions is perfect. We know that there are some administrators who do not believe in trade union rights.”

Over the past four years UNISON has supported a legal advice office in the capital, Managua. Now the Campaign has been working with UNE to develop a proposal to establish something similar on the Caribbean Coast. We will be travelling to Bluefields this week, to meet with UNE there, and to pass on a donation from UNISON Ymlaen, the voluntary sector branch in Wales.


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