news from nicaragua

Our fellow campaigners have been busy in the Spring, publishing new newsletters.

The first is the latest from  CAWN (Central America Women’s Network).Amongst the articles there are several about Nicaragua, including the history of abortion in the country, the problems faced by the women’s movement and civil society there, and information about the effects of mining across the continent (see here for the magazine).

Spring 2014 Newsletter-001-001

The 60th edition of the  ENCA (Environmental Network for Central America) newsletter appeared over the Spring. ENCA has been analysing environmental struggles in the Central America isthmus since the 80s. In the newsletter there’s an update about the proposed canal between the Caribbean and the Pacific, the threat from the oil industry on fragile environments across the region, the struggle by sugar cane workers after the effects of pesticides, and more positively, the success of the Patio Saludable (Healthy Backyard) programme to improve access to food in Nicaragua.See  here for more.



The last newsletter is from NSC (Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign). Here’s the second edition of Nicaragua Now, the follow up to the Central America Report. Because of the amount of news coming out of Nicaragua, and growing interest in the land, the newsletter now concentrates only on Nicaragua. Several articles reflect the gains made by ordinary people since the Sandinistas took over again in 2007.  In Nicaragua Now 2 articles look at renewable energy, the improving conditions for trade unions, and an interview with Carlos Fonseca Teran, who spoke in Cardiff in December. (see here).



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