completely bananas…

On February 20th the Campaign will celebrate 20 years to the day since the first Welsh delegation arrived in Nicaragua. Two decades and thirteen visits later, the delegation members continue to strengthen the links between Wales and Nicaragua.


Also on Thursday the 20th, Cellb in Blaenau will show a film about Nicaraguan banana workers, Big Boys Gone Bananas. This is the second film about the Dole company, and the struggle by Nicaraguan banana workers to get compensation because of the effects of the DBCP pesticide. In Bananas, Fredrick Gertten filmed the court case for compensation in Los Angeles. After the film’s release Dole tried to suppress it. Big Boys Gone Bananas shows Gertten’s attempts to show his film. Here’s the trailer:

Banana Link campaigns on the rights of banana workers. There is a series of short films which describe the politics of our favourite fruit, with Mark Thomas presenting:


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