nica newsletters

Autumn newsletters have arrived from some of our fellow campaigners on Central America.

Newsletter Autumn 2013-001-001The Central America Women’s Network (CAWN) newsletter is interesting and thought-provoking, and always leads to a healthy debate. Besides several articles highlighting the persecution of feminist groups and women in general in Honduras since the coup, there are four articles on Nicaragua (see here for the newsletter). They include:

  • an analysis of the Law against Violence Towards Women (Law 779), parts of which have been criticised by some Nicaraguan women’s groups
  • a piece on how women fleeing violence in other Central American countries are seeking refuge in Nicaragua
  • a long piece on the abortion ban, and Nicaragua’s improving maternal death figures
  • a look at international aid and gender equality policies in Nicaragua


Another recent newsletter comes from US Quaker organisation ProNica. The Campaign has partnered with ProNica over half a decade to provide support to Los Quinchos’ work in La Chureca. The newsletter (see here) contains many articles about it’s work in Nicaragua, including a piece on the canal.

Finally, we forgot to post a link to the Environmental Network for Central America’s last newsletter during the summer. The edition included several pieces on Nicaragua:

  • improved wood burning stoves for the Consejo de Mujeres de Occidente
  • an update on the exploitation of the country’s geo-thermal potential
  • oil concessions and conflict between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

See here for all the details.



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