siding with genocide

With little surprise the re-set button has been pressed in the trial of Efrain Rios Montt. The Constitutional Court voted by 3 to 2 to overturn the decision and return the proceedings to where they stood in Mid April. There are numerous reasons why the decision has been taken, not least of them the links between Rios Montt and Guatemala’s current President, Perez Molina. Finding Rios Montt guilty opens a whole area of cases of military and former military men who took part in the atrocities.

In interviews with Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu and journalist Allan Nairn on Democracy Now! last Wednesday, the pair outline the case against Rios Montt and the reaction in Guatemala (see here). With this latest development (which again could see Rios Montt found guilty), it underlines how reactionary the judiciary has been in Latin America, siding with dictators throughout the continent. Little wonder that one of the first things that countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador have done is organise a Constitutional Convention which overhauls the role of the courts.


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