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Llunie Nicaragua 157

Father Miguel D’Escoto – photo: Sioned Haf

A lot of people followed the delegation’s visit on Twitter during the fortnight. Another way it received attention was an interview with one of the members of the delegation, Siân Howys, on the Bwrw Golwg programme last Sunday on Radio Cymru. She spoke about the meeting with Father Miguel D’Escoto, and the role, both positive and negative, of the church in Nicaragua. Here’s the interview:

The meeting with Father Miguel was one of the most interesting on the trip. He spoke about liberation theology, and the place of religion to liberate people instead of oppressing them, through discussing the Bible and Jesus’s life in the context of their own lives.

“My belief is based on my understanding of Jesus. Who was Jesus? He was a rebel. What was the cruxifiction? It was the death penalty, reserved for anti-imperialists.”

“We believe that the fundamental function of foreign mission is feedback. Mission is a two way street. You go to share and to listen. What is their situation? Mission is dialogue, and missionaries facilitate this exchange.”

Father Miguel D’Escoto, February 19 2013

Yesterday Pope Pope Benedict officially retired, and left the Vatican. As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he worked closely with Pope John Paul II to undermine and root out liberation theology within the Catholic Church, including Nicaragua. Both Father Miguel D’Escoto and Father Ernesto Cardenal were targets when they were Ministers in the Sandinista Government in the 80s. Yesterday  Amy Goodman interviewed Matthew Fox on Democracy Now!. Fox is a former priest in the Catholic Church who was expelled by Cardinal Ratzinger for preaching liberation theology. In the interview he speaks about the development of liberation theology, and what was the response of the conservative establishment within the church to it.


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