latin america and alphabetti spaghetti

Regional allies Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez at the Nicaraguan President's inauguration last week - Photo: David McKnight

Two articles on recent regional developments in Latin America give a good summary of the quest for integration, and the politics behind it.

The first, on, gives an overview of progress in the ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas). “Chavez: Ortega’s Re-election is a triumph for Nicaragua” includes an interview with Campaign member David McKnight. He says of the ALBA programmes in Nicaragua:

“Ortega’s critics dismiss these as handouts but when you talk to people in some of the country’s poorest communities, as I have done, it’s clear that these programmes are making a real difference to peoples’ lives,”

The article also include’s one of David’s films on the ALBA, previously posted on the blog.

The second article is by Alex Sanchez, one of COHA’s most respected commentators. In “Placing CELAC in the proper Latin American context“, he gives an excellent, if sometimes sceptical summary of the development of CELAC – the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. It includes a good description of the differences between CELAC and the Organisation of American States, as well as how it fits in with the alpabetti-spaghetti that is Latin American integration.


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