sandinistas win election in landslide

Although the final anouncement is yet to be made, many of the press agencies have been reporting a sweeping Sandinista victory. In a report earlier this evening (see here) Reuters are calling it as 62% for the Sandinistas, double the PLI’s 31%. The PLC suffered a meltdown, receiving only 6% of the vote.

The anticipated allegations of foul play have been made throughout the Nicaraguan night, but Reuters reported it thus:

Gadea refused to accept the results and accused Ortega of voter fraud, but international election observers said voting irregularities had not changed the final result.

As described by Arturo Cruz (no friend of the FSLN) in the AlJazeera video posted previously, these elections have seen a huge re-alignment in Nicaraguan politics, with the Sandinistas doing as well as the polls predicted. The result will have big implications not only for Nicaragua, but for the region as a whole. It stands in stark contrast to neighbouring Guatemala’s elections, where a run-off for the presidency was also held yesterday. There a former general, Otto Perez Molina has been elected. Perez Molina’s campaign has been dogged by his links to some of the worst atrocities during the 30 year civil war in Guatemala, which saw genocidal violence against its indigenous people. Perez Molina has promised more blood and iron to deal with the country’s spiraling drug cartel problem. The difference with Nicaragua couldn’t be greater.


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