ortega polls above 60% in early results

The votes have been cast and the count has begun. After 7 per cent of the votes were counted the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) issued a prediction of an FSLN victory, based on samples across the country.

The vote hasn’t been without incident, but has mostly been carried out calmly. There have been problems for the European Union observers with access to polling booths, which they were able to resolve, whilst Organisation of American States observers were only able to access 80 per cent of the polling stations they visited. These problems will undoubtedly be reflected in ther fiinal reports. According to the BBC the head of the European Union mission, Luis Yanez, said the polls had taken place “in a climate of normality and tranquillity”.

The most recent CSE returns (3am Nicaraguan time) show the FSLN (Daneil Ortega) way ahead in the Presidential race, with 64% of votes cast; the PLI (Fabio Gadea) with 29%, and the PLC (Arnoldo Aleman) with only 6%. Whilst the final tally for the Frente Sandinista is likely to be less, it is not a million miles away from the 59%+ the FSLN have been scoring in the most recent polls. The biggest surprise is the total collapse in the PLC vote, after being one of the two main parties in Nicaragua for 15 years.

The most up-to-date returns can be found at the CSE website. ALJazeera English have also posted a report on the elections, including interviews with two of the FSLN’s opponents.

Tortillaconsal are reporting that the final election results should be announced by mid-day Nicaraguan time (6pm UK time).


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