eye witness nicaragua

Next Monday evening David McKnight will be speaking in Mold (see details below) about the seven months he recently spent in Nicaragua. He will be returning to the country at the end of the month, and will be there for the Presidential and National Assembly elections being held there on November 6. David says:
I will be showing a short (10 min) news/information film I produced on ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas) which looks at how this alternative Latin American trading and solidarity bloc is creating significant positive changes for Nicaragua’s poor (particularly in the areas of health and rural development). I will talk briefly about this and a few other developments in Nicaragua.
However, I feel that it’s important to open up the space for a wider discussion on how we can respond to the global economic and ecological crises in a constructive and creative way. People in Nicaragua and Latin America are attempting to build a better world based on solidarity and social justice. Young people in the Occupy Wall St actions now spreading further across north America are challenging the rotten financial system, Greece is on fire, young people in Spain have risen up to reject political-economic elites, the Arab revolts have seen western-backed dictators fall.
We in the UK need to work together to defend against government cuts but moreover, now is the time to envision a better world and begin to work towards building it.Therefore, it would be great if people could please come along with ideas for organising actions, events and campaigns.

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