the struggle continues

On Thursday the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is celebrating 25 years of solidarity with the Central American country. The history of the first ten years has been described in a book about the history of links between the two countries.

Since then the links have continued to develop. The Campaign has made many long term links with Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, with organisations and individuals – the URACCAN, CEDEHCA, Radio Zinica, and individuals like Arturo Valdez, Johnny Hodgson and Miriam Hooker.

We have worked and campaigned on language and land rights, and more recently, on the right to therapeutic abortion.

The Campaign has raised awareness and money for many causes, including donations to a Creole/Spanish bilingual reader, accommodation in the URACCAN, a nursery in Jinotepe after Hurricane Mitch, moving a village on the Rio Coco after Hurricane Mitch, the Children’s Kitchen in Bluefields, a radio mast for Radio Zinica, and for the past 4 years, we have raised £20,000 to support the work of Los Quinchos in the La Chureca rubbish dump (see here to donate).

Since 1994 the Campaign has hosted many Nicaraguan visitors, including Johnny Hodgson, Miriam Hooker, Angelica Brown, Socorro Woods, Arturo Valdez, Alta Hooker, Cyril Omier, Susana Morales and in June, Domingo Perez from UNE. The link between UNE and UNISON Cymru, cemented this summer, is the latest example of solidarity.

80 people have visited Nicaragua since 1994 with our delegations, with another being organised for February 2012 (see here).

Here’s some of the messages from our partners and friends in Nicaragua, in another short film by David McKnight.


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