Mr Urdd goes gummy

The Welsh youth movement, the Urdd, one of the biggest in Europe, has accepted the yankee dollar, from McDonalds and Coca Cola. If it’s good enough for the Olympics, it’s good enough for the Urdd.

Well, perhaps there are a couple of problems. How many spoons of sugar in a can of Coke? Eight. So we can look forward to Welsh children excelling at athletic competition, but wearing dentures to do it.

What about the Urdd’s famed commitment to internationalism? There’s lots of examples where Coca Cola factories have opened in poor communities, and have caused huge access problems to water for the local population (who can’t, usually, afford ‘the world’s favourite drink’). See  here for an example from Latin America, in Chiapas.

If Chiapas is bad enough, what about the connections between Coca Cola and the people who murdered union activists in Colombia (see here to read the allegations). Some of us can remember the famous Coca Cola jingle, I’d like to teach the world to sing. Someone who learned (but perhaps not under the influence of the corporation) was the US anarchist David Rovics. For another Cola flavour, see his song ‘Coke is the drink of the death squads’.

Did Mr Urdd need to take the Coca Cola dollar? Another Welsh icon who refused 1.8 million of them was Super Furry Animals, after going to Colombia and talking with workers there.

Efa, send the money back!


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