soppexcca, fair trade and christian aid week

We can change the relationship between consumers and producers, and the relationship between prices, so that it a relation that allows us to live.

Porfirio Zepeda. UCA Miraflor, on the beneftis of fair trade

Christian Aid Week, which began today, is focusing on Nicaraguan fair trade organisation SOPPEXCCA. The Campaign has been out today speaking with local churches about the work of SOPPEXCCA, and other Nicaraguan fair trade co-operatives, in improving the lives of coffee growers, their families and communities.

Christian Aid have produced a short film/slide show, highlighting some of the acheivement of SOPPEXCCA in Jinotega, in Northern Nicaragua. SOPPEXCA themselves have produced a longer film, outlining the way fair trade is intergrated into their widr approach to development. Watch it here.

On our visits to Nicaragua the Campaign has met with SOPPEXCA, and also visited fair trade coffee farms in the UCA Miraflor and the UCA San Ramon. Both encourage eco-tourism, with a chance to stay with a family, learn more about fair trade, and sample the environmental wonders and traditional Nicaraguan cooking.

The Welsh Campaign has a long history of promoting Nicaraguan coffee, from the almost undrinkable brew of the Revolutionary years, to the superb fair trade coffees of today, some of the best in the world. We have also hosted many Nicaraguan fair trade visitors, including Janixce Florian of SOPPEXCA in 2006.

A video about the work of SOPPEXCCA is also available from our sister organisation, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign: Coffee – Take It Fairly. If you would like a speaker about fair trade, contact the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.


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