political developments in latin america

Campaign member Ben Gregory will be speaking on Monday, May 16, 7pm, at the Friends Meeting House, Dean St, Bangor, on recent political developments in Latin America.

Ben has been invited by the Bangor and Mon Peace and Justice Group, who have taken a keen interest in developments in the region.

Latin America continues to throw up new political stories on a monthly basis. We can look at individual countries. In October Brazil elected the former guerilla Dilma Rousseff to follow President Lula; in March Haiti saw a former singer, joker and coup supporter elected as President; this Spring in Bolivia there has been the passage of the world’s first Mother Earth law; last weekend Rafael Correa of Ecuador saw his referendum measures passed, hotly opposed by the right and some on the Left, including indigenous groups; next month there will be a run off in Peru between left wing former army officer Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the former crook/President, who fled the country, was extradicted back to Peru, and was given a 25 year sentence for human rights abuses and corruption.

On a regional level a swathe of Latin American countries have recognised Palestine since the New Year, causing grief in Israel and the US. And more controversially, many of the ALBA countries spoke out in support of Libya’s sovereignty and opposed the bombing, whilst at the same time calling for peace talks.

The heat will also be on the Nicaraguan elections, which take place in November. Once campaigning starts at the end of the summer, it promises to be a rough ride, with the shadow of the US looming.


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