FSLN achievements since 2007

There’s no doubt that politics in Nicaragua can be tough, even Machiavellian. But the other narrative of the past four years has been the solid social achievements of the Sandinista government.

One of the most considered constructive critics during this period has been William Grigsby. His latest analysis, published in March’s Envio and summarised on tortilla con sal, lists the social gains, but also some of the things which have failed. Click An FSLN victory will permit deeper change. to read it.

It is a considered political judgment on the performance of the FSLN, and their prospects for the November elections.

His analysis is all the richer for him being a critic within the FSLN. It’s good to compare his latest article with his last contribution to Envio, in early 2007. Click You can’t organise people and raise consciousness by decree. It assessed the propects of the Sandinistas at the beginning of their term of office.

Envio, no friend of the Frente, should be praised for allowing the debate within its pages.


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