Solidarity from Nicaragua for March 26

The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has started up it’s blog again, after a long break. This year will be a crucial one for Nicaragua, with elections in November. The Campaign is lucky to have one of it’s members, David McKnight, in Nicaragua for the next six months. He will be filing reports for the blog, as well as posting videos to our new YouTube channel. Check out the first video, a message of solidarity for the March 26 demo against the cuts 

The leader of the public sector union UNE has been invited to Wales in June. We hope his visit will strengthen links between UNE and Unison Cymru.

We will be linking you to other analysis about Nicaragua, as well as news about the Campaign, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year.


One Comment on “Solidarity from Nicaragua for March 26”

  1. angharad tomos says:

    Mae hwn yn debyg iawn i ffilm David!
    Ond mae’n edrych yn addawol

    Mrs Tomos

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